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ADELON: Release Debut EP “Resurgence” on June 21st!

Updated: May 10

Swiss technical death metal powerhouse ADELON is excited to announce that its debut EP, entitled “Resurgence”, will be released on June 21st on the main digital streaming platforms.

“Resurgence” will feature four tracks showcasing a death metal sound characterized by pinpoint aggression and surgical finesse. The EP was co-produced, mixed, and mastered by Alex Sedin at Ghostalgy Prods, ensuring a high-quality production that captures the band's raw energy and musical intricacies.

Working on this EP has been a wild and exciting journey for the band. Bringing these four songs to life has been a pleasure, and we can’t wait to share them with you. We aimed to pay homage to the bands that shaped us while offering our own take on the Tech/Death genre. Lyrically, 'Resurgence' delves into themes of facing changes and overcoming hardship, whether related to mental health or environmental degradation.” - Quentin Landolt, Guitar & Synth

Adelon is a prime example of a young band that emerges unexpectedly and pushes the envelope for the entire genre. What these guys achieve on 'Resurgence' is stunning. Musicianship, variety, surprise factor - it's all there.” - Alex Sedin, Producer, Mix & Master

Founded in Lausanne in 2022, ADELON is strongly influenced by the music of Gojira and Decapitated, The band presents a universe between brutality and groove, all wrapped up in elegant melodies. In 2023, the band released two singles and shared dates with the likes of Stortregn, Anachronism, and The Scalar Processand recorded the first EP, “Resurgence”.

The band revealed the tracklist. You can read it below:

1. Fleshless Vertebrae

2. Monisme

3. Crimson Luminescence

4. Cycles

Attached you can see the artwork, created by Quentin Landolt & Midjourney. EP layout by Quentin Landolt. Photos by Lucie Herter Massé.


Drum programming: Robin Demarta

Bass & synth: Titouan Tromme

Guitars, keys, synth, drum programming: Quentin Landolt

Vocals: Pierrick Tromme

Lead guitar on “Monisme”: Etienne Scherer

Saxophone on “Fleshless Vertebrae”: Bastian Köhli

ADELON Online:

ADELON: Release Debut EP “Resurgence” on June 21st!

ADELON: Release Debut EP “Resurgence” on June 21st!


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