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Breaking Post-Rock Bands

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Between July and September 2023 we promoted the latest album released by US-based post-rockers The Color of Cyan - "Egress".

"Egress" got a some very decent reviews from the press. The ProgSpace wrote that the band "managed to create an outstanding album that drew me back for multiple listens. The album’s strength lies in its atmospheric buildups, impactful moments, and the emotions it conveys."

The Italian site Grind On The Road wrote that "Egress is an important work very different from the band's debut album; here the band relies on a new theatricality that brings the result towards a profound, lucid and characteristic interpretation."

The album "I Am Whole" by the Swiss band Glaston was even more appreciated by the press. The relevant website Heavy Blog Is Heavy featured "I Am Whole" among the best post-rock releases of December 2022. The editor, Eden Kupermintz, wrote that he hopes "that you will open up your heart to I Am Whole and truly listen to what Glaston are trying to convey here, something just beyond words. I hope that message reaches you and moves you as it has me."
The Portuguese site World of Metal gave a score of 9/10 to the album - included among the best releases of the month. The editor Fernando Ferreira worte: "It's a post-rock album without wanting to be post-rock. It's beautiful and profound, just like everything we want in the music we carry with us." 

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