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Breaking Hard Rock Bands

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At the beginning of 2024 we promoted a great hard rock album: "In Rhino We Trust" by the band Steel Rhino.

The best reviews include a 10/10 by Hellfire-Magazine ("This is what a hard rock album should sound like these days! All killers, no fillers! It goes without saying that this album is a must buy!"), Rock Garage ("“In Rhino We Trust” leaves a devastating trail through my ear canals"), and Keep on Rocking ("This album is fantastic [..] You don't hear something like this every day"). 

Other sites like Highwire Daze said that "over the top and a glorious amount of fun, Steel Rhino is destined to become a head banging addiction to music fans all around the world.", while, according to Obliveon, "STEEL RHINO deliver a very good, very entertaining, superbly sung and impeccably produced record, with no weak points."

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