Doom, Psych, Sludge, Stoner

The Cross photo.jpg

The Cross

feat. Aaron Stainthorpe (MY DYING BRIDE)

Brazil / Doom Metal

Bunsenburner photo 2.jpg


Germany / Stoner-Doom-Ambient

The Same River Photo 1.jpg

The Same River

Greece / Stoner Rock-Doom



UK / Blackened Sludge



Italy / Proto Metal-Occult-Stoner Rock

Lord Drunkalot Band Photo 2.jpg

Lord Drunkalot

Croatia / Doom Metal

Deep Space Mask.jpg

Deep Space Mask

France / Heavy-Stoner Rock

Hellfire 76 Photo.jpg

Hellfire 76

USA / Southern-Stoner-Psych-Doom

Rift Giant Band Photo.jpg

Rift Giant

Denmark / Stoner-Sludge


Patriarchs In Black

feat. Dan Lorenzo (HADES), Johnny Kelly (DANZIG, TYPE O NEGATIVE), John JD DeServio (BLACK LABEL SOCIETY)

USA / Doom-Groove Rock

Cassius King.jpg

Cassius King

feat. Dan Lorenzo (HADES), Ron Lipnicki (es-OVERKILL, WHIPLASH)

USA / Stoner Rock

Echolot Photo 2_low res.jpg


Switzerland / Psychedelic Doom

Wax Mekanix-Troll Teeth together photo 4 dark.jpg

Troll Teeth

USA / Stoner Metal

The Chapter Band Photo.jpg

The Chapter

Portugal / Death-Doom Metal

Temptations Wings Photo.jpg

Temptations Wings 

USA / Doom-Stoner Rock

Hadal Band 02.jpg


Italy / Gothic Doom Metal

''Wilhelmina'' EP Front Cover_lowres.jpg


Italy / Blackened Doom Metal

Chimpgrinder Photo 1_lowres.jpg


USA / Stoner Rock-Doom



Sweden / Metal-Stoner Rock

Naked Soldier Photo_low res.jpg

Naked Soldier

Switzerland / Hard Rock-Stoner Rock

Carson 2.jpg


Switzerland-New Zealand / Stoner Rock

Gentle Beast

Gentle Beast

Switzerland / Stoner Metal

Diamond Skull Photo_lowres.jpg

Diamond Skull 

Austria / Stoner Rock

Tel Band Photo.jpg


USA / Melodic Doom Metal

Age Of The Wolf Band Photo.jpg

Age Of The Wolf

Costa Rica / Sludge

Mothers of the Land Band Pic.jpg

Mothers of the Land

Austria / Instrumental Heavy Psych Rock

Liquid Earth Photo_lowres.jpg

Liquid Earth

Austria / Psych-Stoner

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