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YouTuber OREN HALMUT Releases Metal Cover for Beatles' Classic Song “Yesterday”!

The YouTuber OREN HALMUT has a cool metal cover for all of you! Don’t waste your time and watch his version of Beatles’s classic “Yesterday” on the OHP Metal channel!

OHP Metal channel features weekly metal covers of popular songs ranging from pop, country, hip hop, and R'n'B. The channel has over 10.000 subscribers and keeps growing weekly!

OREN HALMUT is an Israeli artist, relocated to California in early 2000. He is a prominent musical figure in Los Angeles, across the west coast and the nation. He owns H2O studios in North Hollywood, where he works as a producer, drummer and guitar player depending on the needs of each individual project. “Yesterday”, as all the other covers on the channel, is recorded, mixed, and mastered by Oren himself.

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