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TEMPTATIONS WINGS: New Album “Marauders of the Killing Moon” Out Today; Full Stream on 666Mr.Doom!

North Carolina doom/stoner band TEMPTATIONS WINGS is excited to see that his new full-length Marauders of the Killing Moon sees the light today via Electric Talon Records!

Stream the full album – courtesy of 666Mr.Doom channel!

With Marauders of the Killing Moon the quartet put once more the emphasis on storytelling (drawing on such influences as Greek and Norse mythology), crafting a sound that harkens back to the early days of heavy metal, while attempting to blaze new courses into uncharted sonic territory. Guitar harmonies and plodding rhythms, accompanied by clean vocals give way to haunting Instrumental passages, carefully laced with ambient psychedelic overtones.

The album is available on the following platforms:


1. Warlords (5:56)

2. Silent Assassin (4:54)

3. Altar Of Sabbath (5:16)

4. Sea Of Woe (6:09)

5. Cosmos (4:23)

6. Shadow Of The Moon (5:08)

7. Child Of The Mountain (8:28)

8.Walk In The Woods (1:58)

Marauders of the Killing Moon has been recorded, mixed, and mastered by Andy Bishop of Giraffe Studios. Enclosed you can the album cover by Waclaw Traier of Dr(O))ned Artworks.


Micah Nix - Vocals, Guitar, Mandolin

Chad Barnwell - Lead Guitar, Backing Vocals, Keys

Ryan Fox - Bass Guitar, Bass Ukulele

Jason Gardner - Drums, Percussion, Backing Vocals, Keys

With guest appearances on “Walk In The Woods” by:

Andy Bishop - Percussion, Keys

Corey Hipps - Cello




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