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SPITGOD: Released the Video of “You Know It's Coming“

The Portuguese Death/Blackened Thrash/Punk Band SPITGOD has dropped the video for “You Know It's Coming“. The track is featured in the new EP ”Through Life 'till Death“, set to be released on 24th of May via Gruesome Records.

Watch the video for “You Know It's Coming“!

The band stated about the new song: “In an era of abundant information, we're still surrounded by lies. Everyone lies, from governments and industries to media and religion. Even among ourselves, lies pervade, whether for personal gain or self-deception. We, as individuals, feel deceived by life itself.

Generations grew up believing in a fairy tale, yet the reality is filled with wars, poverty, and deceit. The single "You Know It's Coming" simplistically highlights the pervasive nature of lies, emphasizing the falsehoods that exist between us.

Composed of 6 tracks for over 18 minutes of playing time, “Through Life 'till Death“ will excite the fans of bands like The Accüsed, Benediction, Venom, Discharge, Celtic Frost, and Black Flag.

Music and lyrics by Spitgod. Recording, mixing and mastering by Hugo Ferrão at Studio Lote 71. Band photo by João Neves. Attached you can see the artwork by Miguel, who also designed the band logo. Stay tuned, a first foretaste coming soon!


Telmo Cruz - Vocals, Guitar, Bass

Beatriz Cruz - Drums, Backing Vocals


Spitgod releases new video

Spitgod releases new video


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