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LOTRIFY Released “Bleed Alone” Video; New Album “Time Fracture” Available in all Stores!

Swiss metal band LOTRIFY has released his new album Time Fracture on December, 17th so there is nothing better than celebrating this great event with a new video – this time dedicated to the track “Bleed Alone”!

Watch the vide on YouTube right now!

Best described as Melodic Metal, Lotrify music is distinguished by melodic and rhythmic guitars, accompanied by clean vocals as well as screams and growls. Influences can be found in diverse genres, ranging from Metalcore to Black Metal.

The band declared about the new album:

On our new album we focused more on personal and individual topics which are mirrored by the music as well. It is more emotional, aggressive, and straight to the point. The lyrics are about changes in ones personal life and paradigm shifts out of ones own control. Feeling lost, ending chapters, starting new stories, growing up and not knowing where it goes can be terrifying, but are necessary steps to evolve as a person.

If you like Avenged Sevenfold, DevilDriver, and Lamb Of God – definitely this is the album for you!

Time Fracture is available on:


1. Left Behind(3:48)

2. Bleed Alone (4:55)

3. Close to Distant(3:56)

4. Bring It On (5:28)

5. Into Madness (4:20)

6. Clashing Bones (4:08)

7. Dreams of Mine (5:39)

8. Time (00:55)

9. Fracture (5:49)


Sacha Wacker - Vocals

Silvan Laube - Bass, Backing vocals

Fabian Umiker - Guitars

Yannick Bislin - Guitars, Backing vocals

Sergey Belyavsky - Drums




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