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Italian Gothic Metallers INNER SHRINE Released the New Album “AITA”

Italy-based gothic metal band INNER SHRINE released its new opus “AITA” on June 20th via Lands of Glory. After releasing the last full-length in 2019 (“Heroes”) and three singles between 2021-2023, the band comes back with an EP composed of 7 tracks for almost 22 minutes of playing time. “AITA” is an empirical and gothic journey through the underworld and dark demonic worlds of the ancient Etruscan people, a population who lived between the ninth century B.C. in the territory of the present-day region of Tuscany.

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“AITA” is a mystical journey of brutal and gothic metal sounds through demonic worlds. Recorded in the studios of the Italian label Lands of Glory, it comes with 7 tracks representing the Etruscan demonic deities. The last 2 tracks, “Ostium Paradisi” and “Porta Inferorum”, are two visions of redemption or eternal damnation. The album is recorded with detonated guitars and the German language is used for the vocals. Songs are written by Luca L., Leonardo Moretti with the participation of the German singer Dunkler Stern.

“Aita” is the theme song of the album. It’s dedicated to the Etruscan god of the underworld, believed to influence or control daily life. “Charun” is the ferryman who welcomes souls and takes them into the dark realm. It represents a sense of man's abandonment and submission to the underworld. “Vanth” is the female deity belonging to the underworld who held the scroll of destiny in her hand. She decides the fate of man in her dance. The song “Ipogeo Volumni” talks about the Etruscan underground tomb located 5 km southeast of the center of Perugia, on the Assisana Road, in the town of Ponte San Giovanni. This remarkable site dates back to the third century B.C. and is one of the few remaining examples of well-preserved underground Etruscan tombs. It represents the crucible of evil, altar and door to the Etruscan world of demons. “Tuchulcha” is an Etruscan demon from the underworld. Its best-known depiction is that of the Tomb of the Ogre in Tarquinia town, where it has a disheveled hair from which snakes emerge, a bird of prey's beak (probably a vulture's), donkey's ears and large wings. The torso and limbs have human features, the skin is yellowish. He is the most evil and ruthless demon that tears mortal souls apart. “Ostium Paradisi / Porta Inerorum” is the end of the dark journey in two interpretations. One towards the end of each life and the other towards the possibility of resurrection and a new possibility.


1. Aita (3:29)

2. Charun (3:21)

3. Vanth (3:46)

4. Ipogeo Volumni (4:03)

5. Tuchulca (3:32)

6. Ostium Paradisi (1:54)

7. Porta Inferorum (2:02)


Luca Liotti - All Instruments (except bass)

Leonardo Moretti - Bass

Dunkler Stern - Vocals (Guest)


Italian Gothic Metallers INNER SHRINE Released the New Album “AITA”


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