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FLEKS Shares Music Video for “Hotshot” Acoustic Version

FLEKS never stop! Austria’s Eclectic Punkrockers, after releasing the 2020 album Color TV via Dachshund Records, are currently working on a music video for the track “Street Light”, reinterpreted in acoustic version. In the meantime don’t miss the video for the acoustic version of “Hotshot” – one of the leading tracks from Color TV.

Watch “Hotshot” video here:

FLEKS present themselves far off their Punk Rock roots with their single “Hotshot”. Adding acoustic elements to the track, the trio takes chance on experimenting with sounds and genres outside their comfort zone.

Different instrumentation and dynamics put a totally different complexion on the song covering the story of a c-list celebrity, who is desperately looking for the regard and stardom of the old days, not shying away to embarass oneself as long as there is an audience watching. By capturing the underbelly of the bright and shiny TV-World, the song also draws a parallel to the need of today’s commercial society to be in the spotlight constantly in order to stay relevant.

FLEKS are an Austrian Avant-garde Punkrock band, founded in 2014. They have had more than 60 club shows and festival appearances.

The trio, consisting of singer and guitarist Martin Resatz, bassist Max Leitgeb, and drummer Fabian Edelbacher skillfully combines various genres such as Stoner and Alternative with the energy of Punk. Due to their varying musical backgrounds the trio covers more than just one spot on the genre map. FLEKS don’t shy away from unconventional approaches when it comes to songwriting. They are always aiming for something unique when developing their songs.

For fans of Frank Turner, The Shins, Mogwai, Faces, Billy Bragg and Nirvana.

Color TV is available on:

FLEKS Online:

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