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CAEDEOUS Releases New Album “Obscurus Perpetua”; Watch Official Video for “Magisteri Peccatorum”!

The Portuguese symphonic black metal band CAEDEOUS has finally released the new album Obscurus Perpetua! 8 tracks of Dark Art in the veins of Dimmu Borgir, Fleshgod Apocalypse, Cradle of Filth, Septic Flesh, Tvangeste, and Dark Funeral!

An official video is available for the track # 5 “Magisteri Peccatorum”! Watch it on The Metallist PR YouTube channel right now!

CAEDEOUS is a project created by the Portuguese composer and instrumentalist Paulo J. Mendes. The official recordings of Obscurus Perpetua began in 2021, with Paulo J. Mendes assuming all instruments (bass, guitar, piano, drums), while later D.M. (HELIOSS, CELESTIAL SWARM) joined the project on main vocals and growls. Obscurus Perpetua will be a new stepstone for CAEDEOUS that embraces a new sound and project philosophy marking a new era moving forward. The album has been produced, recorded, mixed, and mastered at Studio 7 by Paulo J. Mendes. Enclosed you can see the artwork by Mendes himself.

Obscurus Perpetua is available on:


1. VII Stratis Inferni (02:11)

2. Tormentis Aeterna (03:39)

3. Obscurus Perpetua (04:00)

4. Surge Tenebris (03:41)

5. Magisteri Peccatorum (03:22)

6. Damnatio Memoriae (03:57)

7. Ortus Sodomorum, et Gomorrhae (03:07)

8. Principium est Finis, Finis est Principium (04:59)




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