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ALLEN KEY Unveils New Details from the “The Last Rhino” Album; Video for “Love You More” is Online!

The female fronted hard ‘n heavy band ALLEN KEY is getting ready for releasing The Last Rhino - the debut album by the Brazilian quintet - out on September 24th via Canil Records!

With a playing time of almost 40 minutes, you can expect 8 energetic songs showing an unquestionable maturity and security, resulting from the synergy of these vibrant and promising musicians. ALLEN KEY's music acts as a beacon of good energy that does not allow us to fade in the face of such dark times. His music drinks from different sources, from Evanescence to Metallica, from Linkin Park to Pantera, creating a vigorous Hard 'n Heavy, with grandiose arrangements and memorable compositions.

The band revealed the tracklist, that you can read as follows:

1. The Last Rhino (3:47)

2. Straw House (6:52)

3. Love You More (3:16)

4. Illusionism (5:17)

5. Granted (3:09)

6. Mr. Whiny (3:46)

7. Goodbye (5:41)

8. Flourish (6:06)

An official video for the song “Love You More” is available on the band’s YouTube channel – don’t miss it!


Karina Menascé – Vocals

Pedro Fornari – Guitars

Victor Anselmo – Guitars

William Moura – Bass

Felipe Bonomo – Drums




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