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Needed Materials

This is the list of materials that we need to bring you to the Top!

- Full album in Mp3 format (320 kbps – file properties properly tagged),

- 1-2 band photos and artwork,

- Links to video contents,

- Biography (English),

- Album description (English),

- Release details (release date, tracklist, line-up, artwork artist, record label/distribution partners, genre, recording/mixing/mastering studio etc.),

- Album formats available,

- Links to website and social networks. 


- Your sound influences (band names & genre/s) and explanation of the track mood *

- Your sound influences (band names & genre/s) and record labels in your genre **

required for Spotify pitching
** required for YouTube Video Promotion

Contact us

Are you a band, label, or booking agency looking for PR/marketing support? Contact us by email or via our social media channels.

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