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ZMARCHROB’s Latest Album “Sedmero Hříchů” Available in Full Streaming

Czech One-Man Black Metal Project ZMARCHROB continues his invective against the seven deadly sins and reminds to all his present and future fans that his new album Sedmero Hříchů is available in full streaming on Black Metal Artists’ YouTube channel. Stream it here!

The album is set in a medieval society pervaded by the seven deadly sins (which give the album its title). In fact, furtive glances, greed and conspiracies roam the streets, badly lit by torches. ZMARCHROB's black metal paints therefore a great fresco on the dark sides of the human soul, traits that we still find in our society. The lyrics are in Czech language and they deal with folk customs, witchcraft, the Middle Ages and blasphemy.

Sedmero Hříchů is available on the artist’s Bandcamp profile:


1. Pýcha (3:31)

2. Lakomství (3:25)

3. Závist (2:51)

4. Hněv (3:05)

5. Smilstvo (5:50)

6. Nestřídmost (3:33)

7. Lenost (3:39)


About the artist:

ZMARCHROB was established in 2020 as a one-man black metal project. Zmarchrob was already active in the bands Skeletor, Cruelty and Signum Diabolicum in the Ninieties, with which he shot 3 demos. After a break of more than fifteen years, he decided to make music by himself. Since last year, he has released 3 demos (including the debut Black Metal Forever! and the follow-up Yersinia Pestis, came out in the same year). His latest album Sedmero Hříchů was released on July 2nd 2021.



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