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TOL MORWEN Unleashes the Hannibal Fury with the Single “Terror Of Rome”

What a creative time for TOL MORWEN! The Italy-based Viking Death Metal band is working on the songs that will be part of the new album (whose release date has not yet been scheduled), but what better way to pass the wait than releasing a new single! The track is called “Terror Of Rome” and it is dedicated to Hannibal, the carthaginian warlord who fought Rome from 218 to 202 BCE.

Watch/stream “Terror Of Rome” in all its entirety on the band’s YouTube channel:

TOL MORWEN was born in Modena (Italy) in 2014 thanks to some musicians who wanted to mix their love for Scandinavian Death Metal with their passion for Viking mythology. Battles and ancient Gods stand out in the lyrics, also inspired from fantasy, history, and folklore. In 2018 "Ancient North", Tol Morwen's first EP, has been released. The band played shows supporting important bands such as Benediction, Ade, Necromass, and Kanseil.

In June 2020 the band inaugurated a new songwriting phase with the single "Berserkgang"; the latest song, called "Terror of Rome", has been released on July, 11th.

The track has been recorded by the band, then mixed and mastered at Creepy Green Light Studio. The beautiful and evocative artwork is by Erik, one of the band’s guitar player.

Terror Of Rome” is available on:


Dökk - Vocals

Bjorn - Lead Guitar

Erik - Rhythm Guitar

Thorval - Bass

Phil - Drums


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