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Symphonic Dark Metal Singer PAULA TELES Drops Single “Jogo do Silêncio” feat. Björn “Speed” Strid!

The Portuguese symphonic dark metal singer PAULA TELES has released her new single “Jogo do Silêncio”! The song, enriched by a video masterfully directed by Daniela Alves, tells the story of a woman whose beloved leaves to fight in the Portuguese Colonial War. She dreams of him every night and writhes in pain…because he will never come back. Paula duets with the renowned Soilwork frontman Björn “Speed” Strid, who delivers a majestic and emotional performance in his first time singing in Portuguese.

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The distance from the person you love is an invisible enemy, impossible to defeat. It leads to anxiety, sadness, and frustration. These are the feelings experienced by the woman, whose story is narrated by Paula Teles. A highly emotional story to which the duo Paula Teles-Björn Strid gives the power of a poignant and epic metal sound, embellished by the melancholy of the guitar recalling the Portuguese folklore of the 40s-50s-60s.

PAULA TELES started playing piano when she was six years old. After that, she took a theater singing degree, where she excelled as a soprano. She participated in many operas and sang in many productions across Portugal. She has always been a big fan of rock and metal, so she decided to test her voice and risked a career in the Portuguese metal world. She was lead singer of the band Lilith's Revenge and continues to lend her voice to the band Waterland.

In 2022, she started her solo career with the single “Grito”, which had excellent acceptance in the Portuguese media. Paula, in addition to being a talented songwriter, has a very versatile voice with a rare range. From the desire to create something bolder and closer to her personal and musical influences, Paula teamed up with producer Jorge Lopes to build a project that features sounds close to fado and metal music. Influences from the Portuguese rural culture of the 40s/50s/60s are clearly present in this project, together with the psychological density of a female character who deals with her madness and neuroses. The power of metal music mixes with the melodious and smooth notes from the Portuguese guitar, in a project that intends to explore the full potential of traditional Portuguese music.

The lyrics of “Jogo do Silêncio” are by Paula Teles. Music by Paula Teles and Jorge Lopes. Mixed and mastered by Jorge Lopes at RedBox Studios. Video, photos, logo, and single cover by Daniela Alves.




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