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Swiss Post-Rock Band WHAT ALEPH SAID Released New Album “Aulasy”

Lausanne’s post-rock quartet WHAT ALEPH SAID is proud to share its recent album “Aulasy”. The album, released on March 15th via Sixteentimes Music, is comprised of a unique mix of post-rock, progressive rock, and stoner music. “Aulasy” is a must for those who love Cult of Luna and If These Trees Could Talk!

The Dictionary of Obscure Sorrows defines “Aulasy” as the sadness that there’s no way to convey a powerful memory to people who weren’t there at the time. With its strange yet sorrowful atmosphere, “Aulasy” proves itself worthy of its given name and takes the listener on a bizarre journey with unexpected twists and turns.

The opener “Taklamakan” starts with an eastern exotic guitar melody and sets the mood for a strange listening experience. The distorted guitar riffs contrast the strange atmosphere and hit harder than anyone could imagine. Watch the video of “Taklamakan” here:

WHAT ALEPH SAID took it up a notch with the second song of the album, “Astral”. The song sounds more driven than the previous one, and has a faster pacing. Watch the video of “Astral” here:

In essence, “Aulasy” is an album with many ups and downs, highs and lows, the contrasts of riffs and clean parts make the listening experience balanced yet exciting.

“Aulasy” tracklist:

1. Taklamakan

2. Astral

3. Meteor

4. Oreida

5. Aimless

6. Permafrost

7. Pulsar

8. Occhiolism

Buy “Aulasy” on Bandcamp:

WHAT ALEPH SAID is a four-piece based in Lausanne, Switzerland. Its music combines post-rock, progressive rock, and stoner influences. In 2021 the band released its first LP, entitled “Aeonia”. WHAT ALEPH SAID has played in various locations in Switzerland, Germany, France, and Belgium with the likes of God is an Astronaut, Toundra, Shy, Low, Oh Hiroshima, and A Burial at Sea.

‘Aleph’ – eternity – is a central notion to the band’s imaginary. It compels one to reminisce about what happened in the world in a very distant past – whispers of eternity yet to be chronically obliterated and dug out again. WHAT ALEPH SAID aims to share such words through introspective, cathartic, emotion-discharging atmospheres. Above all, the band offers generous, honest, and raw alternative music.

“Aulasy” was written by What Aleph Said. The album was mixed by Chris Noth of FireAnt Music, and mastered by Magnus Lindberg of Cult of Luna. The artwork was designed by Eva Marzi, and the photo was taken by the band itself.


Simon Mastrangelo - Guitar

Javier Valderrama - Guitar

Francisco López – Bass

Gregory Dessart - Drums


What Aleph Said New Album "Aulasy"

What Aleph Said New Album "Aulasy"



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