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Swiss Melancholic Post-Rock Project DRLCT Discloses Details of Debut Album “Médée”; Watch the Video for “Asunder”

Sion’s melancholic post-rock project DRLCT has announced that its debut album will be entitled “Médée” and it will be released on May 31st on the main digital streaming platforms via Sunday Fog Records. Don’t miss this album if you are a fan of PG.Lost, Cult of Luna, and We Lost the Sea.

Watch the video for the song “Asunder”:

Pre-order “Médée” on Bandcamp:édée

DRLCT is the solo project of the Swiss musician Fantin Reichler (The Kompressor Experiment, Méandre). Composed of four 10-minutes tracks, “Médée” is inspired and dedicated to Fantin’s mother, who died of cancer in 2022: “On September 5 2022, my mom died after a three-year losing battle with cancer. In order to cope with her brutal death, I started writing a lot of music, just to have a purpose, something to pour my sparse energy in” tells Fantin.

Each track illustrates an aspect of the musician’s mom’s final ordeal: “Asunder” - a delayed guitar driven slow burner - reflects on the anger and the disbelief she felt when she learned her life was over, “Un jour en Octobre” filled with nostalgia interrupted by a dark twist which represents the cancer reaching her brain, “Flow Your Tears, That Bluebird Said” - an electronica ballad representing the acceptance and the yearning for the end - and finally “Interlinked” which depicts her last painful steps towards her final rest.

The album was recorded and mixed by Ludovic Volper, mastered by Christoph Noth. Artwork by joel__rgb. Graphic designed by Tomas Defago. Logo by Fantin Reichler. Photo by Morgane Raposo.

DRLCT has also revealed the definitive tracklist:

1. Asunder

2. Un Jour En Octobre

3. Flow Your Tears, That Bluebird Said

4. Interlinked


Fantin Reichler - Guitars, Bass, Synths, Composition & Arrangement


Steve Frily - Drums

David Glassey - Vocals on tracks 1, 4

Isis Lambiel - Vocals on track 4

Camille Babington - Spoken Words on track 3

DRLCT Online:

Melancholic post-rock from Switzerland

Melancholic post-rock from Switzerland


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