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Spain's Doom Death Metal Act SOLNEGRE Releases Debut Single “Vessel Part I: The Night Within”!

The Spanish doom death metal outfit SOLNEGRE is glad to reveal its debut single, entitled “Vessel Part I: The Night Within”. The song is intended to be the band’s introduction and reflects very well how much they are influenced by the old school vibe of the 90’s doom death. The slow but catchy vibe may remind of early Saturnus/Katatonia, and it moves in a solemn, procession-like mood until the central part, when a massive ultra-virtuosistic solo takes over to a cataclysmic conclusion.

Watch the visualizer video on YouTube!

This is an in-depth statement about the band’s essence by Gebre:

To a certain extent, what you are going to experience still feels somewhat alien to me. Whilst I embrace the fact that it’s my creation because I fostered and nurtured Solnegre into existence, there’s definitely a part where I can barely recognize myself. Some say that two entities live inside each one of us, but only one of them has access to communication. The other one lives trapped in an unspeakable agony, in a prison of silence and denial. Solnegre, given the moment and the form on which it manifested, might very well be this second me taking over and speaking out loud.

For more than a decade, me and other members of the project were the main composers on a band called Helevorn. We roamed more than a dozen countries, two continents, then we faced the collapse of the project as well as our friendships, as entropy, as inevitable it was, did its job well throughout the years.

During these turbulent times, on the highest peak of this brutal journey of victimization, all was suddenly clear. This spiral-like path was quietly settling things up by itself, washing away the guilt and the anxiety, making this and all the other songs not to be composed – but emerged from somewhere darker and colder, sharp, beautiful and fragile as an obsidian knife.

You’ll never see us play live or on tour. Solnegre is the celebration of something reached from somewhere else and reminds me of my own past aspirational (and rather irrational) path as a pro musician and composer. I wish nothing but to share with you the emergence of this dreadful darkness and celebrate the existence of this second me, that probably, only probably, was the last grip before insanity.

Finally, I also want to cheer for my bandmates, as this is not a solo project as it might seem. They all heard the call, stood on point and delivered their utmost skill, talent and availability to make this happen. Without their wise advice, their temperance and their mindset to do whatever it takes to deliver, this effort would have been futile.

Now that all the premises are set, I really hope you enjoy”.

“Vessel Part I: The Night Within” was recorded at Diorama Sound, Mallorca in November 2022. The beautiful artwork was made by Threadbare.

Stream/download the song on:

Apple Music:

SOLNEGRE proudly announces that a deal has been inked with the Armenian label FUNERE ( for the release of the upcoming album to be expected for the fall of this year.




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