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SCURÌU: The Debut EP “Wilhelmina” on 15 July!

The Italian one-man blackened doom metal band SCURÌU is excited to announce the first details about its debut! The EP is called “Wilhelmina” and it will be available as CDR, streaming, and digital download on July 15!

“Wilhelmina” is a concept album, composed by 5 doom/gothic tracks for 26 minutes playing time. During the listening you will feel strong influences from raw black metal as in the soundtracks of old Italian horror movies. This work, which in some of its points cites Beethoven's famous "Moonlight Sonata" and the traditional Judeo-Spanish song "La Prima Vez", tells the story of a man who falls in love with the woman who sadly discovers she is a vampire thirsty for blood.

The project was carried out entirely in-house, from its conception and writing to the processing of the final product. A non-casual choice that betrays the desire to propose an artisanal product through a DIY ethic.

Enclosed you can see the album cover - with Wilhelmina portrait drawn by Valentina “Moon Child” Ghirardi and background by Omar Jarid.

Stay tuned, more infos coming soon!


Omar Jarid – Vocals, Guitars, Bass, Programming

SCURÌU Online:



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