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SAMUELE CASARI: Released the Debut Single “Cloud”!

The Italian guitarist SAMUELE CASARI has released his debut single “Cloud“ today. “Cloud“ is an instrumental song showcasing Samuele’s influences from post-rock, nu-metal, and alternative metal. The song comes out with an official video directed by Saverio Campanini.

Watch the video of “Cloud” on YouTube!

Samuele stated about the song:

Cloud” is an experiment. Some of the phrasing goes back a long way, I remember writing them as a kid while waiting for the band to rehearse in my garage. During the pandemic I felt like dusting it off and recording it, obviously 90% of the song is recent. I decided to call it “Cloud” because they are there with both good and bad weather and therefore I can reflect our internal sides a little.

The song starts with a very dreamy, elevated, relaxing intro. The melodic line begins to create movement and set up stakes, until the solo that reflects the apex of the negative moment is reached. But then, as in life, very often things resolve themselves and peace is reached again and the final chord brings everything back into suspension, in search of a balance, a musically open ending that everyone can interpret freely. This song is my first written entirely solo. I recorded and wrote the guitars and bass. I only wrote the drums and in the studio it was recorded by my great friend and Demetra's Scars drummer: Yassir Belfartas.

Samuele Casari is a guitarist born in 1994. After picking up a guitar for the first time at the age of 14, he decides not to part with it anymore. Over the years he has founded his own band Demetra's Scars supporting bands like Jinjer and Infected Rain. Currently he plays with the female fronted alternative metal band Demetra's Scars, the rock band Fronte Est (Litfiba tribute), and the hard rock band The Outliners. His style is a mix between nu-metal guitarists like Wes Borland, Brian Welch, James Shaffer, and hard rock ones such as Brian May, Slash, Nick Johnston, and Kirk Hammett. Up to one of his mentors in songwriting and style: Alice in Chains’ Jerry Cantrell. “Cloud“ was recorded, mixed, and mastered by Marco Malavasi at Sonic Design.

Stream/download “Cloud“ on




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