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SAGEN Unveils “Mammoth” Album Details; Title-Track Video Available

The US extreme metal band SAGEN is excited to announce that his new full-length is titled Mammoth and it will be released on October 29th in jewel case, streaming, and digital download formats. In order to pass the wait, there is nothing better than watching the video for the title-track, available on the band’s YouTube channel!

SAGEN seamlessly incorporates many of the stylistic differences between death, thrash, groove, technical, and progressive metal into a unique and foreboding wall of creative sounds. Their music centers on intriguing and crushing riffs, acrobatic and shredding guitar solos, punishing and intricate drum beats, and in-your-face and aggressive vocals. Each SAGEN album tells a captivating story that is sure to create a lasting impact on the listener.

The Jacksonville-based quartet revealed the tracklist of his new effort:

1. Hunted

2. Mammoth

3. Consequences

4. Appointed

5. Cracked

6. The Slaughter

7. Coward (instrumental)

8. Becoming the Alpha

9. Tusk

10. Atonement

Home recordings: Guitars, Vocals, and Bass. Mixing, mastering, and drums recorded at Exodian Studios by Zack Dufort. Front album cover by Stephen Hegarty and Jordan Brown.


Adam Cheatham - Vocals

Jordan Brown - Lead Guitar

Stephen Hegarty - Rhythm Guitar/Bass

Derek Kinney - Drums

SAGEN Online:



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