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Montreal's Thrash / Stoner Metal Band IRON ASPARAGUS Released New Single "Diamond In The Dirt"!

The Canadian thrash / stoner metal trio IRON ASPARAGUS has released a new single, following the track “Mr. Molotov” released in November. The song is called “Diamond In The Dirt” and you can stream and download it on the main digital platforms.

Watch the lyric video on the band’s YouTube channel!

“Diamond In The Dirt” is a song about the freedom of speech and how it is so hard of being respected for just having different opinions from the others nowadays. The mastermind Captain J. Savage stated:

Man intimidates man. Whether it's with missiles or in the schoolyard, he likes to attack anyone who doesn't think like him, anyone who is different. In this song, I tell the one who lives a hell at school that he is the Diamond in the dirt.

The song was written by Captain J. Savage. Drums recorded at CinqLuce studio. Mixing by Adrian Popovich at Mountain Studio, mastering by Richard Addison at Trillium Sound Mastering Studio. The visuals are by Dory Popa, and graphic design work by AKWA design.

Stream or download “Diamond In The Dirt” on


Captain J. Savage - Vocals, Rhythm Guitar, Baritone, Bass

Jocelyn Maheux - Lead Guitar

Julien Blais - Drums



Before becoming captain of his ship, Savage took hundreds of detours, like leaving school too young. It’s hard to understand algebra when you’re high on mescaline. No need for a diploma for the young Savage, he was going to become a rock star. But before writing songs, his main goal at age 14 was to get drunk as often as possible. He achieved this almost daily. He worked in a gas station and sang country music in old pirate taverns. He was very skilled with the repertoire of Johnny Cash, Hank Williams, and other masters of the three chords and sad destiny. He was adored by the local sailors who thanked him with whiskey. It is in these places of old broken dreams that he made his own. It was also there that he would meet Miss Cocaine. It was love at first sight, just like in the movies. At 16, it was his first true great love. He would dedicate the next few years of his life to her. He had everything to become a rock star. Youth and the good looks that sometimes come with it, a debauched life, and an ability to hold his liquor and make the devil dance. All he lacked was the ultimate ingredient: good songs.

He did have a few good scraps of melody strummed endlessly, his nose reddened by straw. He sometimes accompanied his A minor chord with a couple of wails, but the fact remained, he had nothing to hold on to. He knew too well that the awakening was going to be terribly brutal, but he wished all the same only one thing, to fall asleep.

It would come back to life in some shady warehouses in the west end of Montreal. He would empty semi-trailers of tires, transmissions, parts of all kinds. He would even see cheap guitars go by. Rather than making him sad, seeing his low-end beauties would bring a smile to his face. He was becoming a man. He didn’t really have any friends in those warehouses, but he didn’t have any enemies. The Haitians liked him, the Jamaicans liked him. The Latinos liked him, Asians too. They called him the musician because he liked to sing over the noise of the machines. Unfortunately, these jobs at the bottom of the ladder were not enough to pay the bills.

During his difficult economic crisis, Savage had to sell all his musical gear to pay a few months’ rent. All he had left was an old classical guitar that was worthless but would be valuable as a riffing machine gun. For ten years, Savage had only her to write with. The dark riffs of Iron Asparagus played on his old, detuned piece of wood became a light in his gloomy life. He has since rebuilt a war arsenal and launched his flagship, the Iron Asparagus.



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