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MAPS OF DARKNESS Unveils Debut Single “Haywire Empire”!

The transatlantic project MAPS OF DARKNESS has shared his first single “Haywire Empire” - a concentration of alternative metal, industrial rock and metalcore that will not stop pumping in your veins!

MAPS OF DARKNESS is a collaboration between the songwriter / guitarist Dmitry Iyudin and vocalist Oleg Lankin. Dmitry’s vivid songwriting and Oleg’s powerful and emotionally raw vocals result in a sound that’s punchy and modern. The song is enhanced by Moonspell’s drummer Hugo Ribeiro, with mixing and mastering by Max Morton (Jinjer). Guitars, bass, keys, production, and artwork by Dmitry Iyudin.

“Haywire Empire” draws parallels between Nero and modern-day populist governments of the world, hell-bent on fundamentalism. After the Great Fire of Rome swept through the city in July of 64, Nero pinned the blame on Rome’s small community of Christians. Some believe that Nero deliberately started the fire to clear the land for his Domus Aurea, which was basically a “false flag” operation so adored by tyrants the world over.

If you are a fan of Gojira, Trivium, and Fear Factory – this is the song for you!

Haywire Empire” is available on:




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