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L.A. Metal Band STRYFE Releases Music Video for "Duplicitous" from Upcoming Album "Cursed Theatre"!

STRYFE, an Armenian metal band based in Los Angeles, CA, released its music video of “Duplicitous”, which explores the band’s progressive side while also highlighting their Armenian roots. From start to finish, the backbone of their latest release, “Duplicitous”, is carried by the melodious bassline of Karo Torosyan, complemented by Kar Khurshudyan’s noteworthy guitar work as well as Derek Vardumyan’s straightforward yet powerful drum performance. Last but not least, Sergio Ochoa’s masterful singing manages to elevate “Duplicitous” even further while beautifully accentuating STRYFE’s Armenian style of rock songwriting!

“Duplicitous” is merely an appetizer of what STRYFE will offer with its debut LP “Cursed Theatre” which is coming out on August 12. Each member of STRYFE brings countless years of experience and musical heritage to the table, giving the group a unique yet familiar sound that reverberates across all their material. The band may be characterized as a melodic radio rock version of System of a Down by some as a result of their Armenian heritage as well as the heavy use of Armenian elements in their music, however, STRYFE manages to surpass that shadow with their modern approach to these elements.

The lyrical content of “Cursed Theatre” centers around themes relating to growth, and the overall message relates to a path towards the individual becoming a better version of themselves through struggle. While “Cursed Theatre” is not a concept album, blocks of songs include shared themes. “Cursed Theatre” is a metaphor for life itself - with its actors being people themselves with their varying characters. The artwork centers around a single seat in a theater, which is illuminated compared to the other seats, which represents a person who is able to overcome challenges or difficulties that life (or the Cursed Theatre) has to offer.

The upcoming LP “Cursed Theatre” was mixed by Kar Khursudyan and Serge Elkony and was mastered by none other than the legendary producer Jens Bogren of Fascination Street Studios, who has worked with metal powerhouses such as Arch Enemy, Amon Amarth, Bloodbath, Katatonia, Opeth, Paradise Lost, Powerwolf and many more. The artwork was designed by Arsen Kirakosyan.

The pre-order of “Cursed Theatre” is available on Bandcamp:

“Cursed Theatre” tracklist:

1. Deception (3:57)

2. Palisade (3:45)

3. Duplicitous (7:03)

4. Velvet Revolution (4:19)

5. Lazaro (4:45)

6. Cursed Theatre (5:18)

7. Hymn of the Truth (5:49)

8. Fake (6:22)

9. Born Again (7:00)

10. Highlands (4:33)


Sergio Ochoa - Vocals

Kar Khurshudyan - Guitars

Karo Torosyan - Bass

Derek Vardumyan - Drums

“Duplicitous” Music video credits:

Filmed by 400 Blows Films

Director - Karen Khosrovyan

Director of Photography (DP) - Gevorg Gasparyan

Cameraman - Manuk Margaryan

HMUA - Rita Janikyan LA Charmed

Actress - Kristina Menissov

STRYFE Online:



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