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Folk Black Metallers KOUTA Reveal “Kaarnaköydet” Album Details; Watch the Visualizer of “Häpeä”!

The Finnish folk black metal act KOUTA comes back with a new album, one year after the big success of the debut EP “Aarnihauta”. “Kaarnaköydet” - this is the name of the band’s first full-length - will be released on April 21 and it will be available as CD, streaming, and digital download.

The 7 new songs weave a dark and intricate web of sound that is both familiar and refreshingly new. Folk elements have permeated the new sound much more deeply, while the production has become much more clear, powerful, and straight. At the heart of “Kaarnaköydet” lies a gripping narrative centered around the tragic story of two brothers. Through their music, KOUTA explores the complex and often tumultuous emotions of shame, guilt, and catharsis, inviting the listener to join them on a powerful and emotional journey of aesthetically peripheral discovery.

The new single “Häpeä” is now available on the main digital platforms as well as a visualizer video on band’s YouTube channel - watch it here:

“Häpeä” deepens the three-part story that serves as the backbone of the new album. The song was chosen as the first single and the opening song for the band’s gigs due to its unforgiving and unconventional nature. It deepens the story of fratricide by exploring the state of mind of someone who has just killed a loved one.

"I wanted the song to reflect this brutality and emotion, so musically Häpeä is grim and cold," summarizes Eemeli Haarala.

The drum parts of “Kaarnaköydet” were recorded in a remote cabin in Lapland. Guitars and bass recorded at Pekka Posio’s studio in Helsinki. Vocals, choirs and all other instruments together with the live recording of “Äitimaan Laulu” recorded at Sonic Pump Studios, Helsinki. Mixed by Pekka Posio and mastered by Svante Forsbäck.

Enclosed you can see the artwork made by Arttu Pentikäinen / Antti Mäki / Midjourney. Photos by Martin Sivakov.


Antti Mäki - Vocals

Eemeli Haarala - Guitar

Lauri Törmä - Guitar, Clean Vocals

Arttu Pentikäinen - Bass, Clean Vocals

Ville Vitikka - Drums

KOUTA Online:



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