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ETHEREAL SHROUD Announces Details for Anti-Fascist Album “Trisagion”; Pre-Order Available

The UK atmospheric black metal ETHEREAL SHROUD finally comes back with a new release! The project mastermind Joe Hawker has announced that the new album is called Trisagion and it will see the light on December 10th!

Nearly seven years passed with near silence from Hawker as he slowly worked on the follow-up of They Became the Falling Ash (2015). Hawker deliberately approached this by wiping the slate clean and building the sound again from the ground up - employing the help of incredible musicians to assist in his vision of an album of much greater ambition. A record with a stern message of anti-fascism, anti-indoctrination and complex personal struggles. After several years of intense writing and rehearsing, and 13 months of recording through COVID-19 lockdown, Trisagion was born - a black metal record consisting of three challenging songs of unrelenting fury and intense emotion. So easily weaving between the death/doom and funeral doom passages of Mourning Beloveth and Bell Witch and the grandiose, massive black metal of Wolves in the Throne Room and Summoning, this is a record only for those who are ready to dedicate themselves fully to its message.

Enclosed you can see the album cover by Phil Lang, while this is the tracklist of Trisagion:

1. Chasmal Fires (27:47)

2. Discarnate (13:54)

3. Astral Mariner (22:34)

4. Lanterns (bonus track, physical releases only) (13:37)

The album has been recorded at Hawker’s home studio in Sheffield, England. Drums recorded at Kerr's home, captured by Spenser Morris. Reamped at Jamdek Studios in Chicago and mixed/mastered by Spenser Morris at his home studio.

Many are the people already pre-ordering and greatly commenting the new album – make it yours at one of the following stores:

Ethereal Shroud Bandcamp (streaming, download)

Northern Silence Productions Bandcamp (limited DigiCD – 61 out of 1000 remaining)


Joseph Hawker - Guitar, Vocals, All Compositions and Songwriting, Lyrics, Arrangements

Richard Spencer (Ba'al) - Bass, Viola

John Kerr (Marsh Dweller, Pyrithe, Vit, Seidr) - Drums

Shannon Greaves - Guest Vocals (on “Chasmal Fires”)




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