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DEMETRA'S SCARS Unleashes the Video for “Myself Screaming” Against the Inner Malaise; Debut EP Out!

Alternative Metal Outfit DEMETRA’S SCARS is proud to share with anyone the eponymous debut EP, released on July, 24th via Sheratan Records. Four tracks in the veins of Jinjer, Infected Rain, Deftones, and Lacuna Coil!

The Italian band celebrated the great event with a new video for the opener “Myself Screaming” - available on the YouTube band’s channel!

The song talks about how each of us should look inside and listen to each other, the only way to face and defeat our inner demons. The band declared about the song:

"Myself Screaming" is the awareness that, when what surrounds us overwhelms us, we can hear our heart screaming in the silence of our mind. Screams of anger, of fear, for help, overwhelmed by our feelings. It is an awareness. painful as we blame all the blame on ourselves, as if we were the only authors of our malaise. We cannot see escape routes and we cannot understand what to do to get out of this tunnel of remorse. It is as if we lost control of ourselves, as if our feelings were too strong to be tamed. This angry feeling precedes the awareness of our state of mind, which is very important because only by knowing what happens to us, we can understand how to act to get better. a painful but necessary process.

Demetra’s Scars EP is now available on:


1. Myself Screaming (4:39)

2. TRTTN (4:32)

3. Going Through (4:47)

4. My Pleasure (6:18)


Pahann – Vocals

Samuele Casari – Guitars

Thomas Bertellini – Bass

Yassir Belfartas – Drums


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