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Dark Ambient Artist MOURNERESS Unveils Details of Album “A Rooted Sorrow”!

Lipetsk-based dark ambient artist MOURNERESS has shared the first information about her new album, to entitled “A Rooted Sorrow”. The album, consisting of 14 tracks for almost 42 minutes of playing time, will be released on November 19th via Tragedy Productions. The album will be available as digipak, plus streaming and download on the digital platforms.

Natalia Drepina is a photographer, songwriter, and poet. Under the moniker of Mourneress, she releases an album about sorrow, the one that takes root in the depths of the soul, where bitter memories, unspoken words and unshed tears are intertwined. This is a lullaby to grief that whines anxiously in the heart and wilted dreams. Mourneress is the lament for all sorrows deeply rooted in the poet's soul. The shades and whispers of all losses intertwined with timid piano, thoughtful strings and echoes of nature. You may have a foretaste of the album by watch the video of “I’m Numb in My Grief” - available on the label’s YouTube channel:

Pre-order “A Rooted Sorrow” on Bandcamp:

Enclosed you can see the awesome cover by Natalia Drepina, who also took care about all the music, vocals, and lyrics.




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