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CHRONIC TRIGGER Delivers Gore Video for “Plucking Pustule Peter's Poisoned Porky Porpoise Punchbowl”

CHRONIC TRIGGER are back with a new single and video! After releasing “Black Mental Epilepsy” - an American Psycho homage full of punching riffs and impressive vocal lines – the brutal progressive metal/hardcore band unleashes the new track “Plucking Pustule Peter's Poisoned Porky Porpoise Punchbowl”! Watch the new video on the band’s YouTube channel!

Stream/download the track on:

Blending melody and brutality into one frantic unit, CHRONIC TRIGGER balance the line of technical hardcore and progressive metal with precision. The band showcases the uncanny ability to display technical chops while not skimping on the heavy and brutal metal style. With the new single, the Salt Lake City-based act delivers fast-paced riffs, psychotic vocal lines, and a claymation video with an exhilarating horror gore story!

Fans of For An Autopsy, Sign of the Swarm, and Kublai Khan will go crazy for it!


Ryan - Vocals

Marshall - Guitar

Landon - Guitar

Adam - Bass

Rob - Drums




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