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Berlin’s Prog-Rock/Alt-Rock Outfit R3VO Announces “Fireflies” EP; Watch The Title Track Video!

Berlin Prog-Rock/Alt-Rock prodigies R3VO return with the music video of the title track of their upcoming EP “Fireflies”, which is set to be released on the 16th of November. The EP is the band’s conclusion to its songwriting phase which started in 2019 (when the band was formed) to 2021. R3VO’s previous music video ‘Artificial Pleasure’ was very well-received and featured on Metal Hammer, Kaaoszine, HEAVY Magazine and more. While ‘Artificial Pleasure’ showed listeners the band’s progressive side and hinted at its electronic elements, R3VO delves deeper into the electronic influences in “Fireflies”, the newest creative effort. At first glance, “Fireflies” features band’s familiar heavy progressive riffs but R3VO manages to throw listeners off-guard with the fast-paced-out-of-the-box electronic drumlines at the outro. Watch the video of “Fireflies” here:

R3VO’s upcoming 5-song EP “Fireflies” highlights the band’s ambitious approach to metal music, and besides Alt-Rock, Prog-Rock, and Electronic Music, elements of 70’s Heavy Rock and Slam Rock can also be heard. The band’s technical abilities are worth mentioning as well as Leo Lotux’s raw unapologetic vocal lines, which takes R3VO to a new level. Stream the new single “Fireflies”:

Listen the single on multiple digital platforms:

Pre-save the upcoming EP “Fireflies” on Spotify:

“Fireflies” tracklist:

1. Artificial Pleasure (5:18)

2. Fireflies (4:49)

3. Dorian Gray (2:00)

4. Darling (5:45)

5. Aluminium (5:36) “Fireflies” was recorded by Rasmus Schmidt, mixed by Sasha Bowers, and mastered by Arran Dutt and Boe Larsen. The artwork was designed by Noé Chagué.


Leo Lotux - Vocals

Jan Kurfürst - Guitar

Victor Nissim - Bass

Altaïr Chagué - Drums

R3VO Online: Website



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