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ALONE Unleashed Mysterious Black Art with Debut EP “I-IV”; Album Available on Bandcamp

The Canadian blackened heavy metal project ALONE has released his debut EP I-IV on August 12th, but his identity is still shrouded in mystery.

It seems that the project mastermind grew up around Ottawa (Canada) and started listening to aggressive music at hardcore shows, and from playing guitar along with 80s Metallica records. He discovered Bathory and ever since his listening and playing focus has increasingly centered on extreme metal. He spent years recording music here and there but it wasn’t until the past year where enough factors lined up that he were able to put together an album.

He prefers to describe his music not as ‘black metal’, although there is a very heavy influence there, but rather as ‘blackened heavy metal’ because as much as he can enjoy some blasphemy, when he sit down to record melody and harmony always finds their way in.

Enclosed you can see the album cover by the mastermind himself, while this is the tracklist of I-IV:

1. I (6:26)

2. II (8:21)

3. III (10:06)

4. IV (5:52)

Stay away from social networks, because you will never find him! There is only one way to learn about ALONE's work: stream and download it at!

Have a good trip into the Darkness!



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