«A sleezy mash-up of speed-metal and punk, something appropriate to listen to while doing whip-its in your parents' basement» (Metal Injection)

OVERCHARGE is a Fuel-Injected Metalpunk Machine formed in 2012 in Varese Italy with its unnecessary coating of asphalt and concrete. Since the early days, its intent was clear: playing fast and loud rock’n’roll music as a trio powered by beer and Antifa principles.


They recorded the first album at Studio Šopa (CZ) in January 2014: “Accelerate” was released through Unspeakable Axe, Dead Beat, and Hellforced Records and reviewed as a «debut kick to the balls sure to leave one heck of a bruise in the morning» (Metal Forces Magazine).


The band played gigs several times and during 2015 Marcio joined the band on bass & vocals; 2016 brought the band to the attention of three European labels (AngryVoice, Metal Age, Insane Society), which joined forces to release OVERCHARGE second album: “Speedsick”, recorded at La Sauna ad mastered at Audiosiege (Iron Reagan/Obituary), out at the end of June.


OVERCHARGE released its third full-length "MetalPunx" in March 2020, after driving thousands of kilometers on tour and sniffing gasoline together with legends like The Casualties, Hellkrusher, Tragedy, Brujeria, and Extreme Noise Terror, while a 3 tracks limited Ep "Electric Reaper" came out in 2018.


2020 “Metalpunx” (jewel case, vinyl, cassette)
2018 “Electric Reaper” (12" limited EP)
2016 “Speedsick” (jewel case, vinyl, cassette)
2014 “Accelerate” (jewel case, vinyl, cassette)


FFO's: Motorhead, Disfear, Toxic Holocaust, Exploited, Discharge

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