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Hard Rock, Heavy Metal, Rock

Out of Darkness - Band Photo 1 by Bill Staley.jpg
Tad Morose.jpg
Thomas Carlsen 1.jpg

Out of Darkness

with Brent E. Smedley (ICED EARTH)

USA / True Heavy Metal

Tad Morose

Sweden / Heavy-Power Metal

Thomas Carlsen's Transmission

Norway / Heavy Metal

Marauder Photo.jpg


Greece / Heavy Metal

Black River Sons Photo_edited.png

Black River Sons

France / Heavy Rock

Steel Rhino Photo.jpg

Steel Rhino

with Herbie Langhans (FIREWIND, AVANTASIA)

International / Hard Rock

Parallel Minds Photo 1.jpg

Parallel Minds

France / Heavy-Prog

Cobra Cult Photo 1.jpg

Cobra Cult

Sweden / Rock 'N Roll



Germany / Melodic Metal

Wax Mekanix.jpg
The KillerHertz Photo 1.jpg

Wax Mekanix

USA / Rock


Germany / Heavy Metal

The Killerhertz

Denmark / Heavy Rock



USA / Metal-Rock

Holy Dragons Photo 2.jpg

Holy Dragons

Kazakhstan / Heavy-Power-Speed Metal

Sinsid Photo 1.jpg


Norway / Old-School Heavy Metal

Serpents in Paradise.jpg

Serpents in Paradise

International / Hard Rock - Blues Rock

FLITCRAFT Band Photo.jpg


Australia / Heavy - Prog Metal

Alkàmael | Italy / Oneiric Rock


Italy / Oneiric Rock

Long Pockets Photo.jpeg

Long Pockets

UK / Hard Rock

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