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Who We Are

PR and marketing agency, The Metallist supports metal and rock bands with online & print PR, radio plugging, YouTube marketing, Spotify playlist pitching, and customized marketing solutions.

Metal music is experiencing a phase of great expansion, thanks to social media and streaming services that have made it possible to enjoy the genre on a large scale. In this context, having a well-defined and coordinated musical proposal, message and image allows the metal and rock bands to stand out from the crowd and become attractive to online & print media, radio stations, playlisters, record labels, and booking agencies.

The Metallist takes care of the album or single release from the very first steps, creating the brand identity that summarizes the image, messages, and feelings that the band wants to communicate, passing through the creation and nurturing of a fanbase through social media and e-mail marketing, up to the planning and execution of the PR and marketing campaign for a full-length, EP or single.

Our Philosophy

The Metallist delivers an efficient PR, promotion, and marketing service for metal and rock bands worldwide. We believe that providing concrete results is the only way to boost the band's reputation in the music industry. This is what we are used to do and are proud of.

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