Like many other quotes from George Orwell's legendary novel 1984, this statement describes today’s reality as if the book was published this morning.


When real and virtual worlds converge, when the truth is no more a matter of fact but negotiable, when social media likes become a new currency, freedom is nothing else than slavery. Such a dystopia is the main theme of the new album 2084 by ANDERWELT. Supported by deep grooves, gut-wrenching melodies, and brutish throat, Orwell’s theme is projected into the future. Thereby, ANDERWELT enters new spheres without forgetting their musical past.


2084 is the logical successor of their debut album “Schattenlichter”, thematically and, of course, musically. Just as in reality, faster tunes get faster while slower parts are getting slower, balancing clean and distorted vocals and classical cello sounds.


However, 2084 is not just a musical composition, it will be accompanied by a new video that will premiere in cinemas this autumn, and future live shows will be supported by a new modular stage concept. Consequently, if you want a picture of this album, imagine a boot stamping on a human face – forever.


Phil Wintersberger - Vocals

Simon Öller - Guitar

Dominik Königsdorfer - Bass

Andreas Pilsl - Cello

Thomas Kössler - Drums


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