Music enthusiast from his early years, Alkàmael starts studying piano showing a great ability in composition. At the age of 16, he starts to go deep on the rock world with Pink Floyd's “The Wall”, then going into all the most important rock bands on the world scene.


Alkàmael starts traveling in England, where he will improve the local language, comparing himself with a large variety of artists. He will start deep research between blues and hard rock as a street artist in the London scenario.


In the same period, he studies Brian Eno music and starts understanding the mechanisms of the sound and how it’s used to create particular emotions on the listener and how the brain follows the compositional rhythm and how it’s such affected to re-propose the musical motif even after the listening.

Will follow a long period of musical meditation, where he will explore the esoteric sciences by deepening the alchemical knowledge that will lead him to see music from another perspective and thus understand the importance of sound as an esoteric factor by combining all this with the Brian Eno's psychoacoustics theory.

This inner search for his musical language came fast with Turn Around, the first single released by Alkàmael on September 12, 2020; a very simple song but easy to assimilate and that contains all the principles learned.


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